Love and Adventure | Chicago & Lake Michigan | Shanna and Aaron

We walked through the streets of Chicago, took Winnie for a walk, visited the farmer’s market, jumped in lake Michigan, and ran up sand dunes at sunset. We didn’t get eaten by velociraptors in the long grass and didn’t get a single tick, but I did forget my fresh farmer’s market peaches in their fridge. This is love and adventure y’all.

Ally | One Frame

A couple days ago I reconnected with an old friend, and did a personal portrait shoot for the first time in a long time. It was really great to shoot some creative portraits for myself. I’ve been hangin in Michigan, relaxing and visiting family all over the state. I have an eventful month planned during the remainder of my Michigan stay. I’ll be helping my Good friend Jesse Speelman Photography shoot video for a side project of his, Real Feels. I have a super secret photo mission in Northern Michigan in a couple weeks. I can’t divulge any deets yet, but get excited, cause it’s gonna be insanely bitchin’. Also, I may make a pit stop in Upstate New York to shoot a very personal Love and Adventure session with some friends I miss dearly. Busy, Busy. Keep an eye out for new work! For those who don’t know, I’ve ended my Bicycle Tour here in Michigan. The weather is changing quickly, and with everything that I’ve committed to being a part of while I’m here, I don’t feel it’s viable for me to continue on the bicycle. It’s been a wild, wild summer. I couldn’t have asked for a […]