Love and Adventure | Chicago & Lake Michigan | Shanna and Aaron

We walked through the streets of Chicago, took Winnie for a walk, visited the farmer’s market, jumped in lake Michigan, and ran up sand dunes at sunset. We didn’t get eaten by velociraptors in the long grass and didn’t get a single tick, but I did forget my fresh farmer’s market peaches in their fridge. This is love and adventure y’all.

Justin + Annie | Michigan Engagement Session

I’ve known Justin and Annie for a long time. Justin and I grew up together in the same neighborhood, tromping around and always finding some mischief to get ourselves into. The good ol’ Moravian Meadows boys. I met Annie in high school shortly before her and Justin started dating. When I found out they got engaged a couple months ago, all I could think was “It’s about time”. When they saw that I was in town and reached out to me to shoot their engagement session, I literally threw my fist in the air while a long drawn out “awww yeaaahhh!!” came out of my mouth. Not only was I excited to photograph them, But super stoked to reconnect with them. And that’s what we did. We went adventuring around Wolcott Mill, having an incredible time, laughing, and catching up all while taking photos. Sometimes there are people in your life, that no matter how much time goes by, you can always pick up where you left off. That is Annie, Justin and I’s relationship. Thanks for reaching out to me Annie and Justin. I had a truly wonderful time.

Love and Adventure | Caitlyn and Patrick on Mackinac Island

I’ve spent the past few months thinking a lot about how I want to re-brand and re-focus my business. My bicycle tour definitely helped me achieve clarity regarding my approach to Wedding photography. When Patrick got in touch and told me about his plan to propose to Caitlyn on Mackinac Island, I knew immediately I had to jump on the opportunity. Not only does Mackinac Island hold a special place in Patrick and Caitlyn’s hearts, but mine as well. I probably would have never picked up a camera if it wasn’t for the season I spent working up there shortly after high school. Patrick went to the Island every year when he was younger with scouts, it helped play an integral role in his personal development. And with Caitlyn growing up so close to the island, it was a common retreat for her and her Family. With the island being such a special place for both of them, Patrick felt it was the perfect place to ask Caitlyn to spend the rest of her life by his side. Everything played out flawlessly. Just as they got up to Fort Holmes the clouds started breaking and although a bit chilly we […]

The Adventure So Far

    Howdy everyone, I’m back! I’ve moved, I’ve explored new options, I’ve built trails with one of the best groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, I’ve even spent a year away from shooting professionally and made some big changes in my life. But the things that haven’t changed or died out, are the passion I have for telling stories with photographs and my longing for adventure.     I’ve returned to continue telling stories of love and adventure. I’ve returned in hopes of making images that speak for themselves. This post is a culmination of my adventure up until now. These are photographs that I feel hold up and represent me, my photography, and the path I aim to take from here on out.     I have a big announcement to make, once everything is up and running and my plans are logistically sound. It’s a grand journey of sorts to celebrate my return. I’m back, and this time, I’m here to stay.