Ally | One Frame

A couple days ago I reconnected with an old friend, and did a personal portrait shoot for the first time in a long time. It was really great to shoot some creative portraits for myself. I’ve been hangin in Michigan, relaxing and visiting family all over the state. I have an eventful month planned during the remainder of my Michigan stay. I’ll be helping my Good friend Jesse Speelman Photography shoot video for a side project of his, Real Feels. I have a super secret photo mission in Northern Michigan in a couple weeks. I can’t divulge any deets yet, but get excited, cause it’s gonna be insanely bitchin’. Also, I may make a pit stop in Upstate New York to shoot a very personal Love and Adventure session with some friends I miss dearly. Busy, Busy. Keep an eye out for new work! For those who don’t know, I’ve ended my Bicycle Tour here in Michigan. The weather is changing quickly, and with everything that I’ve committed to being a part of while I’m here, I don’t feel it’s viable for me to continue on the bicycle. It’s been a wild, wild summer. I couldn’t have asked for a […]

The Loneliest Road : San Fran – Cedar City, UT

Another 800+ miles down, many more to go. I parted ways with my newest friends at the end of last month, and started my eastward journey. I biked in 100+ degree weather from Vallejo, CA to the foothills of the Sierra’s. The Day I reached Placerville, I was severely dehydrated and in pretty rough shape. Luckily, a local Placerville resident/fellow bike tourist came to my rescue, bought me a jamba juice, let me sleep in his backyard and loaded me up with protein supplements and Electrolyte replacers. The Next day I started the climb up into the Sierra’s. Over the course of 42 miles, I climbed over 7,000 ft in well over 90 degree weather. It was the most difficult thing I have ever put my body and mind through. When I got to Lake Tahoe, I took a few short days to ride around the lake, and do some route planning. I made the decision to follow U.S 50 through Nevada and make my way into southern Utah. I was originally going to follow the I-80 Corridor, and head up to Salt Lake City, but decided to take the road less traveled, and push my body and mind even […]

Biscuit Babies Bicycle Club

Hello San Francisco! 1000 miles down, 4000 to go. I was hanging out between Cape Meares and Cape Lookout a couple weeks ago, hoping the clouds, mist, and heavy fogs would dissipate. It was some of the most beautiful coastline I had ever seen and all I wanted was to see a sunset on the ocean. After nearly 3 days of riding very few miles back and forth in the area and no signs of the weather breaking, I got into a bit of a funk. I found somewhere to lay my head for the evening, woke up the next morning, and came to the realization that I just needed to keep moving. I would eventually be in the right place at the right time. Besides, I had a lot more ahead of me. I got on my bike and started riding. Every time I found a place to stop for the day, a little voice in my head said “Well, I guess I’ll just go a little bit further.” 65 miles and three gnarly climbs later I wound up at Beverly Beach, and that is where I met the three folks I would ride with for the next two […]

Goonies Never Say Die!

Whoa! I’m in Astoria, Oregon. What a wild ride it’s been already! I haven’t been taking all that many photos cause I’m getting into the groove of things. I’ve ridden a little over 300 miles so far, and I honestly couldn’t feel any better. My legs are a little sore and my butt gets a little numb after 30+ miles but that is to be expected. I didn’t have plans to come all the way up to Astoria, but I said F it, if I’m going to ride the Oregon coast, I’ll ride the whole thing. I’ve already met some folks and rode with a super rad dude into Portland. Road Dawgs! Here are a few photos so far. I only plan on riding to Cannon Beach today. I Picked up a Wide Angle lens in Portland, so I’ll be working on some seascapes this evening at sunset. And oh dang, went and took some selfies at the Goonies house in Astoria, couldn’t resist the truffle shuffle. Enjoy!!!

Love and Adventure At Ryan Farm

I took a preliminary bicycle trip a few weeks ago to test my physical limitations and my loaded bicycle. I Made my way to San Juan Island to visit my friends Brady and Leah to relax and shoot a Love and Adventure documentary session with them. Believe me when I say Brady and Leah live their lives more passionately than any one else I know. I have so much respect for what they are doing; it is truly inspirational to see them pouring their hearts into their projects on Ryan Farm. Brady keeps busy making sea salt with sea water sourced right from the southern shores of San Juan Island. He also keeps bees for honey and pollen collection. Leah spends her time tending to her flower gardens and keeping the farm pups occupied. Using flowers from her very own gardens on Ryan Farm, she arranges pieces for homes all over the greater Seattle area, as well as arrangements for Events and Weddings. She also recently finished her tiny home project. The Tiny home now sits overlooking Ryan Farm and the rest of San Juan Valley. I had an incredible time shooting these photos and adventuring around with Brady and […]

The Adventure Begins Soon

My head is spinning. I am leaving in just four short days. There are a ton of last minute things for me to take care of, as well as some last minute mental preparations. I’m waiting for a few rolls of film to be processed and then I’ll unleash the greatness that is the Love and Adventure session on Ryan Farm, from my short trip to San Juan Island. For now, here is a photo of my loaded bike. It’s gonna be so good.

The Love and Adventure Bicycle Tour

I was born an adventurer. I was born to love. I was born to bring joy to those around me. And I was born to tell stories. I’m able to do all of this via one simple thing… Photographing the way I see the world, the interactions and emotions of the people I’m surrounded by, and love. Oh, Love! The greatest adventure of all. We as humans are constantly growing and changing. I’ve changed quite a bit, both emotionally and physically the past year. I’ve also done some reverting and rediscovering of things that I once valued highly. Sometimes it takes a little time away from the things we care most about to realize why we fell in love with them in the first place. I’m returning to my roots, the reasons I picked up my first camera years ago…. Love and Adventure. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to capturing the way I see the world around me. So please, join me as I celebrate my return and plan/execute my next journey: The Love and Adventure Bicycle Tour. This Summer I will be riding a bicycle that I am building from the ground up, from Portland, Oregon to […]