The Love and Adventure Bicycle Tour

I was born an adventurer. I was born to love. I was born to bring joy to those around me. And I was born to tell stories. I’m able to do all of this via one simple thing… Photographing the way I see the world, the interactions and emotions of the people I’m surrounded by, and love. Oh, Love! The greatest adventure of all. We as humans are constantly growing and changing. I’ve changed quite a bit, both emotionally and physically the past year. I’ve also done some reverting and rediscovering of things that I once valued highly. Sometimes it takes a little time away from the things we care most about to realize why we fell in love with them in the first place. I’m returning to my roots, the reasons I picked up my first camera years ago…. Love and Adventure. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to capturing the way I see the world around me. So please, join me as I celebrate my return and plan/execute my next journey: The Love and Adventure Bicycle Tour. This Summer I will be riding a bicycle that I am building from the ground up, from Portland, Oregon to […]